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Weekly update: MERO - WOLKE 10

Updated: Mar 30

By Seb C-K

It’s been a while since the spotlight has been on the charts, but this week’s number one - MERO - WOLKE 10 is a certified party starter and so deserves a mention. Snow mobiles, Moncler jackets and ice caves feature in the music video so give this one a listen.

Want to learn how extensively auto-tuning features in music? This article by watson.de explains the useful production trick and features some its most notable tracks.

Perfection might be the number one goal of many musicians, but Jazz Pianist Joachim Kühn values the obscure and slightly imperfect more highly - read an interview with zeit.de for interpretations of what truly defines ‘good’ music.

Lost in music – find out how applications such as Spotify and Tinder use algorithms to categorise music; either for seamless playlists or matching couples through their mutual taste in music and zodiac signs.

Playing Mozart to children while they sleep might make them smarter, but have you heard of playing hip-hop to Emmental cheese to increase flavour - read about how music can alter the taste of cheese.

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