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Weekly update: Dresden based collective ‘Uncanny Valley’

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

By Seb C-K

  • This weeks’ get to know, is Dresden based collective ‘Uncanny Valley’. Responsible for the record label soundsystem and a radio/podcast series, the group of artists are constantly at the forefront of the music scene. Have a listen to one of their many radio shows to find out more.

  • Read about this hybrid music and art exhibition in Hamburg. How much can we learn about music and art by experiencing them side by side?

  • As we enter March, it’s worth reflecting on the year so far with groove.de’s top albums of February 2019. With entries ranging from Modeselektor to British Murder Boys, the list covers all frequencies of electronic music.

  • Read about how this techno DJ is always producing music, even when peeling potatoes.

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